About Us

-Our Brand

My Healthy Temple is revolved around the ideology that your body is your temple, and you should treat it as such; one should take care of their body in all of the best ways possible. Our objective is to help members of our worldwide community lead a long and happy life!

 Our products have helped an endless amount of people lead a happier life, with no restrictions caused by their body. We sell only the best of the best, and have products and services that are catered to perfection, helping our customers in any and all ways possible. Our products are made to aid in pain relief, muscle and joint recovery and multiple kinetic issues faced by millions in the world, wether it be back pain, neck pain, wrist pain and etc.


-Our quality

Here at Healthy Temple, our products are not only guaranteed to satisfy, but to inspire. We are determined in the pursuit to be attentive to every detail, while maintaining the connection between product, passion, health and well-being. We are always sampling and testing our own products in order to make sure that everything our customers receive is absolutely top notch, and have teams who's sole purpose is to check back with our customers too see how their experience with our products were, and what we could do to improve for next time.

The products we offer are tailored to your specific needs and areas that cause complications in your lives.


-Our team

We believe that only the most motivated people will create the best service and drive a company to success. Additionally, we feel that to really provide the best to our customers, we have to share THE SAME PASSION as our customers. Our team prides ourselves of being globally savvy to find the latest technological advances  that could benefit anyone who is in pain or distress. We wanted it to be possible for people like us to be able to find the best way to pursue their passions, while not being restricted by pain caused by their bodies.

We work together as one team of people with expertise and determination to achieve our goals collectively. Our core values of respect, innovation, and appreciation are at the very core of our organization. At Healthy Temple, we are grounded on the basis that we directly connect to our customers and want to put out to them, what we would want for ourselves. Nothing could make us more proud than to contribute something meaningful to provide our fans with the products they want and/or need.



We use SSL technology so you can have your peace of mind while shopping. We know how it feel to be skeptical when buying your products. We've been through the struggle of wondering wether what we see on the website is what we will actually get, and wether we will even get our purchase after buying. We guarantee secure checkouts and no underlying conditions with any purchases. You will receive exactly what you order and you will never have to worry about mishaps when buying our product.

You can pay with your Paypal account, or with your credit card (through the PayPal checkout). Our Customers benefit from a safe and secure online ordering experience that is backed by VISA, Apple Pay, MasterCard, American Express, and Shopify.


For any further questions, please reach out to us at: info@myhealthytemple.com


Sincerely, Healthy Temple.